Who I am

My name is Panagiotis (Panos) Vergopoulos and I’m a UX Lead – digital customer experience expert (UX, UI, Strategy, Research), multidisciplinary designer, UX specialist, branding expert, typography design advocate. I am passionate about passing on acquired knowledge, cooking and all things BBQ.

Born and raised in Athens, Greece. I’m a Deree College-The American College of Greece (BA) and University of Stirling (MPhil.) grad and go by both mottoes: Non Ministrari Sed Ministrare & Innovation and Excellence.

What I do

I solve problems, shed light to mysteries and help people use digital products or in other words, I strive to create seamless experiences for users by designing functional, smart, elegant digital products and services that customers love using. 

In addition I lead teams and task force groups, product evolution, strategy and research, mentor peers and new product designers and help teams establish processes and working methods in order to streamline product evolution and innovation.

How I got here

I started my career in the field of web design back in 1998 and since then I ‘ve worked in publishing, advertising, startups (mostly tech/travel) or with established corporations/brands handling projects from practically most areas of the creative universe. I have worked with agencies as a Lead UX/UI Designer or as a Creative director, with startups such as insurancemarket.gr, Umeedoo or in associate schemes and as a freelancer (through my agency, Design Kinks) providing a full range of UX, UI and creative services. Since 2013 I have been working in the field of online travel with airfasttickets.com, tajawal.com & almosafer.com (Seera Group). 

What happens in Dubai…

I have a 360-view of all the products as I have been engaged in almost all aspects of the user journey/booking experience. Throughout my time with Seera (almosafer/tajawal) I have had the chance to not only do hands-on work but also form -along with the product leads- the UX and research strategy for the teams I worked with. I have planned and executed research cycles and I am actively engaged in continuous discovery sessions (weekly user interviews around specific business objectives). I have been from day one in the team responsible for building Almosafer’s design system and I have undertaken the role of PM for both active design work and delivery-development and release of the design system across all platforms.

I am the UX Lead for MarTech and Cross Product focusing on -but not limited to- payment, loyalty/wallet, account management, retention – post booking experience and acquisition (pre-booking), SEO, rich content platform & marketing, and partnerships enabling services. 

Some of the projects I have handled: redesigning the payment funnel (cross product – cross-platform), research on loyalty and implementation of loyalty programs with impact on payment funnels -per POS, redesigning main entry points/home screens across platforms, personalization, city guides (rich content platform) and product integration (offline and online), have set up the Marcom template builders (fast-tracking releases), designed the SEO Programmatic Platform, planned and executed research scenarios for user testing (usability, impression, discovery). In addition, I took (along with our team) tajawal.com and almosafer.com through 2 rebranding projects (planning, auditing, UI implementation, transition style guides, QA and more, VD and product side), one in 2018 and one in 2019. Also, designed payment features, have undertaken the mapping of the user journeys from acquisition to the main entry points (researching user behavior and patterns to effectively adjust personalization), and many more interesting projects. I have also set the foundations for the WhatsApp channel UX and have established the core content strategy for the launch of the WA sales experience.

In addition, I have helped build the design teams (interviewing-hiring talent), mentored peers on their course to professional development, built and established processes along with the teams I work with, and have helped built and define strategy.

For more info, you can request a full CV by sending me an email at: pvergopoulos@gmail.com.