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My name is Panos - UX/CX Lead, multidisciplinary designer, typography advocate, avid cook, pit master, and chef-in-training.

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Principia design

Design begins where design ends. It is an infinite process with one primary objective, to create functional products that provide meaningful and seamless experiences that cater to users’ needs.

An organization can be big or small, a startup or a big corporation, business objectives can be ambitious, realistic or modest, a product may be simple or complicated but a product designer’s objective can be summed up into the words of Kevin Flynn (Tron Saga):

“On the other side
of the screen,
it all looks so easy.”

Folio insights


Product Design - UX/UI

Guest App:
Hotel Services White Label App

UX/UI & CSS Authoring

The Foundry Suites:
Luxury Suites in Athens


Product Design - UX/UI

Menu & Ordering Platform